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I grew up on a farm and when I was a little girl, I played with a bucket full of painting stuff. My canvases were wooden plates and bottles. I was very good at drawing and painting and wanted to become an Art teacher. My environment did not see the need for it and I was advised to learn a profession. The professions of secretary and marketing assistant have taught me to stand on my own feet. I never stopped drawing and painting. Later I followed a series of artists' courses and completed my Master's programs in Mesmerism, Javanese Magnetism, Hypnosis and NLP. The artists' courses were sometimes an eye opener and somthimes I realized that my own talent was bigger. I am an autodidact artist and born with artistic talent. Over the years I gained a lot of knowledge, learned and applied techniques, and developed a lot of skills. My art creations can be found in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany and even in Guadeloupe. I am a self-made artist who never had to be in the picture because I let my art speak to the soul and used my hart and soul to create. I never wanted a podium.

Besides my artistry, I work as a volunteer for special people, such as people with a visual impairment. This is my way of giving something back to society.For this group of people I developed the (C) CRYB method. By this method I teach blind and visually impaired people to make a 3D work of art and I also teach them to feel the colors. Even blind people want to show their fellow man what they have in their heads. The CRYB method consists of NLP techniques, color therapy, CRYB painting pallet and 3D CRYB color wheel. I belong to level 15 + artist (for those who know what that means) and call myself an Art Coach instead of Art Teacher. Creating is not thinking in problems but in solutions. This also works through your daily life. Thus during the workshops the brains are stimulated to switch as a kind of brain gymnastics. These stimuli release substances in the brain resulting in emotion and insights. I always paint from my feelings and will never make or reproduce a copy of my own work or of the work of others. All works, including those of myself, must remain exclusive. If you want to control something, you have to practice and practice and paint again and again until you drop. Every day, grabbing drawing paper or a paintbrush is therefore a must.

I already have a number of exhibitions in my name, one of which is at the Ikazia hospital in the Netherlands in the oncology department. Due to a difficult period, I never stopped painting. The few minutes that I could sit up during the day, I started painting. This made me happy and I was able to go on an adventure without leaving my home. In this way I forgot how ill I realy was and did not have to think about the future. The result of that period is exposed at the Oncology department. My desire to create became even stronger during my struggle, which gave me even more positive inspiration.

Endless passion for painting has given me new courage. My creative spirit is my 'motive' to overcome my illness. The physical energy may then still be limited, but my creative inspirations and artworks continue to stimulate me to create endlessly. You do not have to be physically fit to be able to think creatively. I have been creative all my life. This creative thinking never goes away and I determine the extent and the times when the process runs and is expressed. At a certain moment the eruption often comes from inspirations.Color is more than a visual perception. Sensory works that are perceived and 'experienced' with multiple senses. Color can be observed with all senses. Creating is 90% the result of emotion.

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