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ChriBu paints only on and with high quality products. Every tool and product has been carefully selected.


ChriBu gives various workshops. She also works with sighted people wherefore she invented and designed the Cryb method and helps this group of people on a purely voluntary basis.



ChriBu stands for self-development. She helps you with techniques and will drive you to the limit of your ability in a fun way. Do you want to develop? Then you will have to paint the same subject 100 times. Practice literally makes perfect.


The Cryb-Academy is especially designed for blind and sighted people but offers everyone the opportunity to learn colors, make constructions, perceive color with other senses and so much more with various specially designed tools. All this with the aim of experiencing and having fun with what you create.

Welcome to the official site of ChriBu ©

Welcome to the official website of artist ChriBu ©, the founder, inventor and developer of the Cryb Method © and founder of the Cryb Academy ©. The passion to create, paint in depth and give color to the elusive, ensure that the impossible is made possible. Phantom-stimulating works, which can be observed with multiple senses, are there to 'experience'.Art is so much more than color alone!

ChriBu Art ©

Art is pure emotion

Whether you buy art or make art, art will always be emotion. Whether you find something beautiful, or something ugly, there will always be an emotion. One will always feel one or more of the basic emotions, namely: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, Surprise or Disgust. Then one can also experience admiration, jealousy, envy, hope, despair, reproach, love, pride, hatred, shame, etc. Enough to show what art can bring about. Making art is not just a trick. My goal is to provoke a number of emotions with each painting. I do that mainly by not thinking about it. Sometimes I walk into a gallery and then I think ... I miss something .. artworks that do not evoke emotion will also be made with little emotion. Of course I go for the good emotions such as admiration, love and joy.

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Op alle mondelinge en schriftelijke overeenkomsten met ChriBu Art, Cryb-academy en haar vertegenwoordigers zijn de algemene voorwaarden van ChriBu Art van kracht.